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    OK. So I just did a security wipe and reinstalled OS 2.1 beta. I then reinstalled Ghost Commander. The problem is, that I can't get Ghost to connect to my PC. I had it running fine on OS 2.1 before the wipe, and I'm pretty sure that all I did when clicking on Widows share was to insert my PS's IP address and then OK and it connected without a hitch. Now, when I do this, it lauches a prompt asking for my username and password (never did that before and I have no password set on my PC) and when I just click OK without entering anything,, it takes me to smb://, but shows no shared folders.

    FWIW, I'm also running ES File Explorer, and it has no problem connecting to my PC and seeing shared folders, again only using my PC's IP address. It takes me to the same place, smb://

    I believe that the version of Ghost Commander is a newer version than I was running before, since what I think was called "Local Storage" on the home screen is now called "SD Card". The version I'm running now is Why can't I see shared files on my PC with Ghost?
    06-14-12 04:56 PM