1. mckillio's Avatar
    The girlfriend and I are flying home for the holidays and we need a good game (or more) to play on the flight, ideally that we can play together. Any suggestions? How are Monopoly and Life on the PB?
    12-21-11 12:18 PM
  2. Rob Robertson's Avatar
    Life is great. (I mean that in both ways).

    Played it with my GF one night. Would be fun with more people (Life always is).

    One thing we like to do is play pictionary using one of the 'sketchpad' apps. Sometimes we draw portraits of each other and laugh at how terrible we are at drawing.

    Edit: the sketchpad game is even more fun if you use the screencap function (press both volume keys) on the PlayBook so you can go back to your sketches later and laugh at them again.
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    12-21-11 12:26 PM
  3. domo325's Avatar
    Monopoly is awesome. One game of monopoly can go on for hours; basically a great time waster. UNO is a good two player game as well. Also, if you guys are into bowling, Bowling at Doodle Lanes is good time waster too.
    12-21-11 12:37 PM
  4. alekza's Avatar
    Angry Birds?
    12-21-11 02:24 PM
  5. menaknow's Avatar
    Madden 12...

    But if you want to leave the flight in a good mood with your GF, probably LIFE
    12-21-11 02:27 PM
  6. anthonybaker's Avatar
    my gf and i played monoply, it was good we had alot of fun, didnt really like life as much (the game of life that is lol) bejewled, my gf is getting hooked on lol also cant go wrong with uno. AND NOW angry birds
    12-21-11 04:20 PM
  7. blackberrious's Avatar
    Are you guys talking about playing Monopoly and Life multiplayer between 2 Playbook devices or on the same one?
    12-21-11 05:40 PM
  8. npunk42's Avatar
    I dont know how well this would go over on a plane, but you could play "doctor". It passes the time.
    12-21-11 05:49 PM
  9. mckillio's Avatar
    Are you guys talking about playing Monopoly and Life multiplayer between 2 Playbook devices or on the same one?
    One PB.

    I could definitely go for a annual checkup.
    12-21-11 08:54 PM
  10. NFLPLAYBOOK's Avatar
    Backgammon free is a two player game.
    12-21-11 09:59 PM
  11. Spencerdl's Avatar
    Whatever you do don't buy angry birds ...to addictive, you will loose your PlayBook to your GF just kidding nice game
    12-21-11 10:03 PM
  12. houshinto#IM's Avatar
    If it's a generic game for single player.
    Tofu is nice.
    Tilebreaker is also a good take on a classic.

    But for multiplayer Monopoly is my fav as well.
    12-22-11 10:32 AM
  13. patpatiar's Avatar
    I'd suggest Chess...i played it once with my Gf..was really fun.

    12-22-11 12:55 PM