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    I have updated my compass app ( NativeCompass3D ) to version and this includes some major changes!
    • Fresh UI graphics and a new cleaner font
    • Completely revamped menu with toggle switches and a more concise layout
    • Qiblah ( direction Muslims face during prayer) Compass included
    • Ability to display your current location in either decimal or degrees minutes' seconds" format
    • Location info is always displayed
    • Current altitude is displayed when you have a GPS fix

    Looking into the ability to translate postal codes to coordinates to set your location manually easier. This would also include an update to that interface.
    May also look into adding some themes to keep things looking fresh.

    If you have any comments, problems, suggestions or other feedback feel free to email me at niaz_AT_phuph_DOT_org which is the same support email in app world.

    Here are some screenshots:
    07-05-12 06:49 PM