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    Hi Guys,

    Just a litle contribution from me ... while we are waiting for native email on playbook do try this work around if you have already installed the Developer Beta 2.0 OS upgrade with the android app player API , basically this is the native email application for android handheld but i try to repackage it to bar format and side load it with load localbar application ... it says failure but after i rebooted the android ... it showed up on the home screen and amazingly working well ... i can download my pop3 email and send email from it ...

    here is the bar file ... Email.bar

    one note is , when you composed email , the only attachment you cant attach is a image file ... the application wont allowed you to attach document or other type of files ... perhaps any one try and found a way to attached documents
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    11-12-11 08:58 AM
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    does it work by during bridge?
    11-12-11 09:10 AM
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    does it work by during bridge?
    it works on wifi, when your on bridged mode you cannot pull your email ... unless you are already connected to a wifi network.

    but it seem , some one already post it on another thread i was not aware ... here is another post to email on playbook http://forums.crackberry.com/playboo...player-662759/
    11-12-11 09:18 AM
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    Like all Android apps, it won't work through the Bridge until the Android runtime is given that ability.

    RIM is having enough Bridge problems with 2.0... can't believe it's still broken.
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    11-12-11 09:26 AM
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    Bridge is not broken in 2.0 beta it is purposely turned off as stated in the release notes just like many other items in 2.0 beta. if you search through the forums you will find there are several people who actually have functional bridge becausetheir 2.0 install method seemedto somehow leave behind functional bride files. if you decompile the bride files in 2.0 beta you will see that they are purposely pointed to an invalid ip address. There are known versions of 2.0 release farbeyond the one we are using with fully functional email,contact,calendar apps as well as bridge however these are not the versions RIM wants developers to have yet. I imagine developers will get one or two more updates for usto test our programs then maybe there will be a closed release version that some of us will get before feb release.
    11-12-11 10:21 AM
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    can someone explain the security settings for incoming and outgoing mail with this client?

    Also, do gmail accounts have PUSH?
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    11-12-11 03:24 PM
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    i'm currently using mail'd and it works great. It also have notifications where the ! is.
    11-13-11 08:04 PM
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    Weird, I set notifications on and picked a sound. I set check inbox frequency for 5 minutes and im not getting emails pulled unless I manually refresh. It is open in the background too.
    11-16-11 12:31 AM
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    bumping this because i still cant get notifications.
    11-19-11 04:07 PM
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    why cant rim approve EarlyBird email client? its been submitted to appworld for 4 months...
    11-19-11 06:10 PM