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    Right, first of all i've zero idea about the copyright issues here regarding using the ScummVM name and if there are any problems then just let me know. I have not submitted this app to RIM anyway as i have other copyright issues regarding the walkthroughs. This app was mainly for personal use and as an exercise in teaching myself a bit of app developement. Hopefully i can work around these copyright problems and submit it to the appworld in the future. I just need to try and contact the original creators of the walkthrough documents.

    The app is written almost entirely in html5/CSS in notepad++. Ive used js for the slidemenu courtesy of astanley. If you were to inspect the code you would basically see something resembling the code version of Frankenstein monster as ive used astanleys code and then just built on top of it to make my app. I've not bothered tidying anything up yet but will do if i ever get to a stage where i can release this app.

    Anyway, here are some screen shots from my playbook.

    I've slightly modified the ScummVM app logo for my app.

    This is the home screen

    LucasArts - Another possible copyright problem could be the use of the boxart and logos of the various developers.

    Sierra - With the slidemenu active

    Walkthrough screen

    Walkthrough screen with slidemenu


    Does anybody know if i can just stick a disclaimer in about the boxart and logos? or even the walkthroughs themselves stating that the walkthroughs are all the work of the original author and none of my own work? I've left the original authors name on each one. I have found some such as the ToonStruck one which states at the bottom that you can distribute the article freely. Ive also found a lot of the articles written by the same guy so ill contact him and see if i can use his work. If he agrees then thats well over 50% of the walkthroughs sorted. I just need to try and locate the owners of the rest.
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    I've began the process of contacting the walkthroughs copyright holders but I'm not expecting a reply from a few as they were written almost ten years ago. I myself have had numerous email addresses since then but hopefully some will reply and reply positively.

    I'm thinking about a disclaimer page at the beginning explaining the ownership of boxart and trademarks etc. I'm not sure that will suffice but we will see.
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    I remember that often you had to call an expensive phone number to get tips.

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    Yeah i remember buying gamesmaster magazine and CVG magazine.
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