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    I've downloaded, Incognito Browser by Wiki Apps onto my Playbook/OS2.

    The download and install went fast and error free. I find it a responsive browser, loading pages same speeds as stock BB browser. The purpose of the browser is to allow as track free browsing as possible. There are options to save or not save passwords, always clear cache or not, doesn't save history. So far the only glitch I see is when you swipe down from top and the top and bottom menu bars appear, the 'Go to search' button doesn't go back to Google, at least for me.

    This is a clean, simple browser and looks promising. It defaults to incognito mode but you can select to change what's saved.
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    Secure Browser for me - similar thing, but made for PB (not android) and by an active dev on this site.
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    02-29-12 10:59 PM