1. IqWaN's Avatar
    I have the unlimited data package, I browse, listen to music, watch videos by using the bridge data package. But the app world doesn't work.
    03-03-12 04:13 AM
  2. redk's Avatar
    Nobody's does, you have to be connected to wifi.
    03-03-12 04:38 AM
  3. dsrlalex's Avatar
    PlayBook's App World only works with WIFI for now.

    If you need to do this on the go and have a BB phone with BBOS 7.1, enable WIFI hotspot to do this.
    03-03-12 04:43 AM
  4. kb5zht's Avatar
    Another short-sided error on the part of rim. None of our playbook appworlds work on 3g.
    03-03-12 06:07 AM
  5. TTBGF's Avatar
    Wow....I would have expected all my apps requiring internet to run off my carrier data plan via bridge....
    03-03-12 06:14 AM
  6. szparaj's Avatar
    Wow....I would have expected all my apps requiring internet to run off my carrier data plan via bridge....
    They all should, except appworld. Not everyone has unlimited data and some of the games are over 500mb a pop. I think they are trying to avoid people getting a ridiculous cell bill for a $4 app.
    03-03-12 06:19 AM
  7. TTBGF's Avatar
    Well that's up to the user I would think, I for one have an unlimited data plan, and if I didn't then I would not expect this functionality. I do see your point but a lot of bb data users take the unlimited data plan to do as they wish. Although, data is compressed via Rim to the handsets, so I'm not sure how this would work when u pair up a phone to a PB for an appworld download.

    Who knows? Maybe the folks at RIM DO know what they are doing!
    03-03-12 06:28 AM
  8. bldshd's Avatar
    Now a days until can't even find a unlimited data plan. I'm grandfathered into mine, as I'm pretty sure you are to. Would be nice to have appworld work via bridge, but honestly for me I'm happy enough to use everything I got off app world via bridge. Load it up over wifi, use it anywhere
    03-03-12 06:42 AM
  9. TTBGF's Avatar
    03-03-12 06:43 AM
  10. taylortbb's Avatar
    I heard the issue actually relates to region locking. Some apps aren't allowed to be distributed in certain regions, and RIM can't accurately tell what region you're in over Bridge/tethering. I suspect relating to roaming users, where data may appear to come from their home carrier, but that's speculation. If you phone has WiFi hotspot it bypasses it.
    03-03-12 05:59 PM