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    Hey all I got my first game posted to App World this morning for the Playbook. It is called Yahtzer which is just my classic take to Yahtzee. I spent quite a bit of time getting this game together and hopefully any of you that download will enjoy it. I have extensively tested this and had a few friends test it as well and it appears to be bug free but we all know how programming goes. If you find any bugs just let me know and I will work to get them corrected. Also if you have any suggestions let me know as well.

    You can search App World for Yahtzer by Mobile Controllers or click the following link Buy Yahtzer - Download Yahtzer - Buy Games from BlackBerry App World to get it.

    Again I welcome all feedback as this is my first game and hope that I can make it enjoyable for all.
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    08-08-11 07:26 AM
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    Looks good, the wife and I love to sit down and play "Yahtzwii" (Homebrew Wii game), so this looks great as we don't need to fire up the projector and we can play a game at the table.

    I'll give it a go and keep an eye out for bugs. Also, does it support 2 players?
    08-08-11 09:32 AM
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    I appreciate it HaTax. As of now it does not support 2 players as I never thought of it that way. Thanks for that and I will start looking into adding multi-player support for a future release.
    08-08-11 09:39 AM
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    i think 99 cents would be a good price since it doesnt support multi player
    08-08-11 09:42 AM
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    I will consider that option skyscraper04. I appreciate the feedback.
    08-08-11 10:11 AM
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    Ok guys I have taken feedback on my game and reduced it to $0.99. I also made some fixes that I have submitted to App World which should hopefully be approved soon. As for multi-player support I have been working on this and should have something soon on that front. More than likely though I will be submitting it as a new application as it has taken quite a bit of work to make it multi-player but I am open to keeping it the same application. Again I am open to feedback and suggestions to the game.

    Thanks for checking it out.
    08-20-11 09:31 AM
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    nice game. i love Yahtzee. I played about 6 games. Not a single bug.
    08-20-11 12:28 PM
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    Hmmm, I was going to grab it but might hold out for the multi-player version. Give a post back here when you decide if it will be a different app or you will be updating the existing app.

    Love playing Yahtzee and it sounds like a perfect time killer.
    08-20-11 01:53 PM
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    Hopefully should be ready within a week. Just working out the last kinks and finishing up the additional features that I have added. More than likely I will submit as a new application and have the single player version and multi player version. I will post back in here when the current app update is approved and when the multi player version is approved.

    One other question since I ended up reducing the current version price...I will probably charge $1.99 for the new multi player version...just wondering how you all feel about that price?
    08-20-11 02:56 PM
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    Why not just have one app for both single and multiplayer?

    It would be more convenient. And would probably make it easier on people when looking through apps. If they see a single player version and a multiplayer version. They might be turned off from buying either.

    And you can probably price it at 2.99-3.99 for that one app.

    Others who are actually going to buy it (like HaTaX) are free to put their input on my suggestion. I don't really know how coding and the whole making an app process works. But that's my take on it.
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    08-20-11 04:19 PM
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    That is a great point mithrazor. I think it will be best to keep it the same application and for existing users just get charged an upgrade fee.

    Thanks for the input mkthrazor. I really appreciate it.
    08-20-11 05:46 PM
  12. snowindec9's Avatar
    meh not my favorite game.
    08-20-11 06:39 PM
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    I would definitely spend $3-4 for it if it works well. However I would say that I think you'll get more takers at that $2-3 range as for some reason there is a psychological barrier when you get near the $5 mark. Personal opinion is that 2-3 is the sweet spot for board / card games, but you price it whatever you feel comfortable with how much time you put into it. Always the hardest part of being an indie developer, pricing so that as many people as possible can enjoy it, but not so little that it's not worth the time you've put into it. Nice part is that you can change the price as time goes on, I'd expect you to see a spike at first, then it will taper off until this new OS 2.0 relaunch happens. Hopefully then we'll see a bunch of new users and you'll get some traction on sales again.

    BTW, if you need anyone to help test it I'm a trustworthy person that would be willing to offer some feedback and such. Also you can rest assured that I will buy it when the new update hits.
    08-20-11 09:19 PM
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    Thanks for the feedback HaTax. I sent you a PM with some information.

    Being an independent developer definately has its hurdles but it is fun to me and something I enjoy doing. This whole mobile developement is all new to me as I am coming from a .NET world but needless to say I have enjoyed learning Flash/Actionscript, Java and such.
    08-20-11 09:34 PM
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    I'm not a big fan of actionscript, but it's so close to ecma/javascript that it's pretty easy to pick up. And if you're not a java developer or have never worked with a ecma based language it's a very good way to get your feet wet. And the knowledge learned from it is very helpful, there's ecma/java underneath a lot of different platforms and languages, if you stay with programming I'm sure you'll find that language worth learning.

    And hey, at least they accepted your app, but watch out if you try to make a better web browser then them. (Not saying mine is better, it isn't, but that's the idea that RIM seems to be avoiding)
    08-20-11 09:49 PM
  16. TheScionicMan's Avatar
    Cool, I'll have to check that out, especially if its multi-player.

    If I can plant an idea for another app, I'd love to have a cribbage board for the PB. It doesn't even have to do the cards, just a board for pegging the score.
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    08-21-11 02:51 PM
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    If I can plant an idea for another app, I'd love to have a cribbage board for the PB. It doesn't even have to do the cards, just a board for pegging the score.
    +1 on this idea, I love cribbage. I think I would ask that it had the cards aspect of the game as well though so I could play against the computer anywhere. Two player wouldn't really work so well unless you had two PBs or online connectivity, that would be a lot of passing the tablet.
    08-21-11 02:59 PM
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Still working on a few things on the multi-player version...for the most part the game works just adding a few tweaks here and there and putting some final touches on. Hopefully tomorrow it will be ready minus the online leaderboard and my scores features.

    I will start looking at cribbage soon.
    08-21-11 06:02 PM
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    Well I am still working on some issues. It seems that everytime I fix one problem a different one is found LOL. The joys of programming. Anyway I hope to have something in the next few days to test out. I do however have the bulk of the game working and the online leaderboard is up and running as well. So again I will post back here and send you a message HaTax when I have something for you to test.
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    08-23-11 02:44 PM
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    Ok sent a PM to you HaTax. Let me know how it goes.
    08-24-11 08:38 PM
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    hat is a great point mithrazor. I learned a lot here.
    08-24-11 09:02 PM
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    Ok so multi-player should be available within the week. I had a lot of bumps in getting this working but got it working and added few new features to the game. Hopefully you all enjoy it. And as always appreciate the feedback.

    I did want to however put a note out there that some people say the graphics are basic. The reason for that is I wanted to keep the game simple. Games aren't always about flashy graphics. I wanted to keep the game close to the classic game and not be all flashy and stuff. Just my note on that. I will post again here once it is approved and in App World.
    08-30-11 08:51 AM
  23. Blacklac's Avatar
    I love this game, so thank you.
    08-30-11 09:02 AM
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    Updated to v2. Here are the release notes. Now available in App World.

    Version Number:
    Release Notes:
    Added multi-player support of up to 4 players
    Added online leaderboard to save scores online and compete for the top spot
    Added an options page that allows you to choose 1 of 10 colors for your dice
    Added new support for when a Yahtzer is obtained (1st Yahtzer is auto scored)
    Added new end of game support where the last roll is auto scored
    Added support of now clicking the die to hold it
    Added new instructions with pictures accessible from main game screen and game itself
    Hidden menu is still viewed by clicking on the Roll: label
    Corrected some minor bugs
    Multi-player support defaults to single player if number of players is not chosen. Each player can input their own name. If no name is given it defaults to Player #. When the game is over you are prompted to send score to the online leaderboard. If no internet connection is available is saves it locally and will send on next game launch. The game is capable of using the bridge internet connection. At the end of the game you get the option of playing again with the same players or new players. Each player is capable of having their own die color as well. The 1st player can change their color from the main screen and each other player will access the option menu from the game to change their color.

    Let me know your feedback. I want to make this game enjoyable for everyone.
    09-05-11 07:54 AM
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    For my fellow Crackberry members if you have downloaded this game and like could you please review it in App World?? I have noticed that I get quite a few downloads but I have only gotten 3 reviews. Reviews help sell my product so if you could take a few minutes and review if you have it I would greatly appreciate it.
    11-21-11 11:34 AM