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    For those of you who've been following us on this whirlwind over the last few days, you know that this forum has been extremely busy in regards to porting Android applications to the Blackberry Playbook OS 2 BETA.

    Now that the excitement and buzz is calming down, and most of the 'major' apps have either been ported, or coverted-tested-&-failed, I'd like to now take a moment to thank my fellow Crackberry forum members who, together, have make what we've achieved possible:

    erandhawa = for starting the initial thread . He started doing what all of us were thinking about doing, and some probably would've if he hadn't gotten there first.

    lyricidal = for taking the ball and doing some serious running with it.

    pkcable = our friendly-neighborhood mod for making these posts stickies so they don't get lost in the crowd

    KermEd = for hosting the DDPB, helping to be a guiding force behind this project, and for creating 2 serious kick a$$ apps

    HaTaX = where do I begin? How about for your awesome thread to simplify this process even more?

    DangerMouseUK & daspop = for starting us on the right track with the Google doc

    and finally

    RufusA and 312 for triggering an incredible discussion about this very topic

    To all of you, the Crackberry Nation thanks you.

    PS- If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry. Feel free to say something in the comments.
    10-21-11 07:20 PM
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    Awesome stuff in the forums guys.... should I setup some dedicated forums Android Apps on PlayBook?
    10-21-11 07:33 PM
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    Awesome stuff in the forums guys.... should I setup some dedicated forums Android Apps on PlayBook?
    10-21-11 07:51 PM
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    Yeah and mass move all of this stuff into there, would be ideal and easier to read + navigate.
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    10-21-11 08:01 PM
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    Awesome stuff in the forums guys.... should I setup some dedicated forums Android Apps on PlayBook?
    You'd have to ask the users and hackers.

    I've just been serving as mod/OP {even though I'm not one, yet}, and instigator.

    Basically, helping to keep everything in order/organized, and attempting to restore balance to the Force by being the knowledge architect to their technolust.

    But, at this rate, I guess it couldn't hurt.

    I wonder if they'd want a wiki.crackberry.com too?

    I've actually been trying to come up with a name for, what appears to have become, our own answer to the iPhone DevTeam, over the last few days.

    Crack the Blackberry Team?

    The BerryRebels?

    B Rebels ?

    RIMpire Rebel Scum?
    For some reason, I personally kinda like that. Has a geeky appeal to it.
    -- "The RIMpire Rebel Scum" Rolls off the tongue.

    I wonder if anyone else has any good suggestions out there.
    10-21-11 08:13 PM
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    10-21-11 08:39 PM
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    Good job to all those who have help to make my PlayBook go from being good to awesome. lol. Crackberry.com truly rocks because of outstanding users such as these "Rebels."
    10-21-11 09:25 PM
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    I like it...
    10-22-11 05:13 AM
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    Well said! I'd also like to say a thank-you to a lot of the other people I've bumped into who have the standalone tools up and running who are pushing out APK's for the community
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    10-22-11 02:13 PM