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    Since that the new 2.0 is out now, I hope to see more music apps come out for musicians like myself, a good multitrack recording program would be real nice to see. This would be a great thing for it to happen, would anybody out here know if there is a company or a person that will be doing one for the Playbook 2.0?
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    02-21-12 06:25 PM
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    Hi Chris
    Ya.... I have posted about this for some time! (Well, I am the owner of a music software company)
    Can't wait to see what comes up.
    Noticed today a new music app that I didn't see yesterday on OS1, "iSequenceNloop" but seems to need a bit of work but the concept is there. I am holding off for a bit to see what hits ;-)

    Heard from the dev of Caustic that he is going to try and port. That would be Great!

    Search sequencers in app world and you will see iSequenceNloop.
    BTW gotta love your first post as that was my first post here too! LOL
    02-21-12 07:23 PM
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    I was just wondering if you were to make a program, would you need an interface like guitarrig has to plug in your instruments? I would love to see a great drum machine plugin also. There is so many options out there for the programmers to write on a powerful tablet
    Like the playbook. I guess we will see in the future and hope the playbook stamps a good foot in the ground for upcoming apps.
    02-22-12 08:06 AM
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    We are the makers of iSequenceNLoop which is basically a multi track recording app on Playbook. In addition to just recording it supports loads of functionality like importing AIFF, OGG, MP3, WAV on to the track, undo's and redo's, saving and opening of compositions, export the composition as a WAV, tools like latency adjuster etc. We are ready with loads of other functionality added and we will be updating our app in a day or two. You can get the app at

    Buy iSequenceNloop - Download iSequenceNloop - Buy Apps from BlackBerry App World

    We are offering a 50% discount on this app which is there only for limited time.

    Your feedback is more than welcome
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