1. TheMooseNut's Avatar
    So far liking the new update but one flaw remains IMO... the BlackBerry music player is pretty awful. Album cover search and custom playlists (more than one) would be nice. Was hoping some quality Android players like Poweramp or Mixzing might be available after the update but no dice so far... Anybody know of any decent third-party music player apps available?
    02-21-12 09:32 PM
  2. aloon69's Avatar
    MP3 skins music player is better ... but still lacks , especially given its $3.99. You can't move songs around inside the playlist one its made though. I feel a bit like a broken record saying a music player for me needs to make multiple playlists , and I need to move songs around within a playlist after-the-fact ... to do that , one of the options is sideloaded Winamp. It can do both those things quite well.

    Its a tiny bit buggy , but I really like using WinAMP on PB.

    Here's the .bar if you want to give it a try:


    PowerAMP is a no-go , tried a few ports ... would be nice.

    Hopefully some upstanding crackberrian will port the latest WinAMP one of these days.
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    02-21-12 09:37 PM
  3. TheMooseNut's Avatar
    Thanks for the quick reply. Is MP3 Skins in the AppStore? ...can't find it there. Might try the Winamp idea tomorrow
    02-21-12 09:48 PM
  4. aloon69's Avatar
    Sorry , its "Music Player with themes". $3.99.

    It does give ability to make multiple playlists , but you cannot move a tune to a different position after the fact.
    02-21-12 09:59 PM