1. easydoesit99's Avatar
    1. all the e-books
    2. Split the tab

    My PB is filled with an uncatagorized, disorganized, plethera of e-books. Kobo has an app for that!

    Do no BB/PB users own a stove, food, or fridge? Are they all still living in their parents basements? I lost count of the number of STT apps i've seen. BTW, I'm sure once you see a STT app, another one isn't needed, I presume they can all divide.
    02-18-12 02:49 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    sounds like youve got a pine cone stuck somewhere

    NO ONE forces you to use those apps, download them or even install them.

    What makes you better than the developers putting apps in AppWorld?

    Care to show us which apps you have designed, and then we can compare your issue.

    Hey, on another note, ive got a stove for sale if you need one......
    02-18-12 02:55 PM
  3. easydoesit99's Avatar
    I was thinking of submitting an e-book but I realized there's a Kobo app for me to utilize. Then I was going to submit a STT app but i looked and there were already too many.
    02-18-12 03:04 PM