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    Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to share a blog post I put up today. Some people forget what makes the PlayBook so special, and why fundamentally it really has unlimited applications. ... Flash support.

    I've been so busy with work my blog has been left without love. So without further delay: Some Flash Games for Fun | File Archive Haven

    I put up with some fun flash games I enjoy on my PlayBook - I save them locally on mine, but now everyone can play them.

    BlackBerry PlayBook – Getting Started with Side-Loading Apps | File Archive Haven

    And this one is good for people getting started with sideloading and learning to use the PlayBook for the first time! It also has a bunch of 'useful' links, so new users might want to bookmark this one

    Hope it helps some people who are just starting out!

    11-29-11 09:45 PM