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    We really need some good local apps, like ABC app, PBS app, Yelp app, The Daily app, and Pandora Radio app.

    *NO Hulu, NO Nextflix, NO Skype, NO.....

    They don't need to be the highest quality, just an app that will get the job done.

    The best way we can make sure these apps become available soon for the Playbook is by notifying them that there are Blackberry Playbook consumers who are very interested in their app and would love it more if they port their app as soon as possible.

    Here What You Can Do:

    *E-mail them by going to their contact page and explain how Playbook consumers would really like their app to be on the Playbook.

    *Go to the Contact Page on their site, and call their customer service. Then explain it to them.

    *Make a online petition or something that will get them their attention.
    03-20-12 09:59 PM
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    I hope you do realize thst you must be like 10000000s person talking about it. I am in Canada and netflix sucks and huli does not work at all. A lot of the apps you mentioned just need to be sideloaded. Simple and quick process


    I hope this will help.

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    03-20-12 10:26 PM
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    PlayOn will allow all of these things you are looking for. [www.playon.tv]
    03-20-12 11:18 PM