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    I've been Bugging @nook_care on twitter and emailed nook support asking about a PB app.
    This is the email I got this morning
    Dear MikelCal,

    Thank you for your inquiry regarding the NOOK eReader application.

    We truly appreciate your taking the time to share your feedback
    concerning the availability of the NOOK App for Blackberry Playbook.

    You do not have to worry. We have forwarded your concern to the
    individuals responsible for the NOOK Apps for appropriate action.
    Currently, we are working hand in hand with our NOOK App developers for
    the addition of Blackberry Playbook as one of the supported devices for
    our most celebrated eReader application.

    Customer feedback is critical to the success of our business, and we
    rely on suggestions such as yours to help us determine what our
    customers value most. We invite you to visit our website from time to
    time to check on the updates regarding your concern and Barnes&Noble in

    We look forward to your next contact.


    Customer Service Representative - Digital Support
    Barnes & Noble
    For me at least this is great news! Since I do not want to support Amazon and Kobo's apps both android version and native are lacking in my opinion. Let's email and tweet B&N to let them know what features you want in the app before they build it so we get a great experience off the bat.

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    04-05-12 10:25 AM
  2. PookieLuv's Avatar
    Cool beans, now I'm hoping for a response to my email. I also sent their customer service people a request for a Nook app a month or so ago. Now I'll write a few more times. This is great news to me too. I hope everyone jumps on the bandwagon.
    04-06-12 12:45 PM
  3. mikelcal's Avatar
    Definitely! Let's get more folks on board to continue asking for a nook app
    04-06-12 10:34 PM
  4. guerllamo7's Avatar
    It would be very nice to get it. Just because these is a traditional brick and mortar bookseller that also sells e-books. I would like to support them as well. Kindle is going to miss out an opportunity with the Playbook. If Nook and Kobo are major e-readers and we can use other readers for local bookstores, such as Powell's in Oregon, there is no need for the Kindle.
    I'm sending them a letter as well. Thanks for posting this.
    04-06-12 10:46 PM