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    Hi guys! a little intro here.

    I had little coding experience, and I aspire to make game apps but I don't know where to start...Until a year ago, when RIM introduced the free blackberry playbook with adobe AIR apps, I tried my luck with it and won one free playbook! Thanks to RIM I manage to kickstart my app development and I never looked back since. []

    Introducing my latest Blackberry Playbook app effort...

    Monster Jump exclusive launch for the Blackberry Playbook!

    Buy Monster Jump - Download Monster Jump - Buy Games from BlackBerry App World

    It's similar to Doodle Jump from iOS, and Abduction for Android. And now us Blackberry playbook users will have our very own Monster Jump!

    Control and guide Monster using accelerometer of your playbook. Help Monster jump through the forest with the help of platforms and springs and even power boosts. Have fun helping Monster to collect coins while avoiding the evil that lurks in the forest.

    It is a easy game that promises to keep you entertained while on the commute with the lively and cute Monster!

    More screenshots:

    Download it here : Buy Monster Jump - Download Monster Jump - Buy Games from BlackBerry App World or scan the QR code
    or fire up App World from the playbook, and search for Monster Jump!
    07-16-12 07:59 AM
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    Amid of the Blackberry AGM and the general tone on the forum as well as bashings from all the major news site, I believe that RIM is commited to BB10 devices, and no doubt that RIM is dedicated to make BB10 a success.

    As a huge BB fans, I show my appreciation by develop apps. Spent almost 4 months in developing this Jump app exclusively for the Blackberry Playbook and no plans to port it to another platform just yet. For now Blackberry platform is the way for me!
    Let’s together make Blackberry awesome!
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    07-16-12 08:15 AM
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    Super! I will download it once I get home from the office. Please keep them coming.
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    07-16-12 08:22 AM
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    Hey, fyi... In app world it shows the price as $0.99 but when you press purchase it charges $1.99

    Probably want to get that fixed.
    07-16-12 08:26 PM
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    Yeah I notice that too. I change the price from 1.99 to 0.99 as a special introductionary price, and app world takes awhile to refresh tho. Try download it again later.
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    07-16-12 09:04 PM
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    Update: It's 0.99 ady
    07-17-12 04:08 AM
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    Awesome! downloading it now
    07-19-12 09:58 PM