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    I have just submitted new release to AppWorld


    Here is change log for version 1.2.106:

    Multiple currency support
    It is now possible to associate each account to a different currency. New 'Currencies' menu has been added to the Application Menu (to bring application menu tap on the 'M' logo or swipe finger down from top of the screen) where you can view, add, change and delete currencies. Default list of 113 published ISO 4217 currencies is pre-loaded for your convenience. To associate account with a currency go to 'Accounts' menu in Application Menu, highlight account, set the currency from the Currency drop down and Update. By default all existing accounts (when updating from prior version) have been associated with the Canadian Dollar ;-) but you can change that in the Application Menu. At this time the currency selection affects only the display of the transactions and account balances, however in future versions number formatting will be specified at currency level. Stay tuned!

    Other minor fixes and enhancements
    - Last edited transaction is selected in the list after Edit Window is closed
    - Bringing up App Menu no longer resets selected Account and Category in the Edit Window
    - Fixed bug where hitting Cancel in the Delete Transaction confirm dialog would delete the transaction anyhow
    - Transactions for the same day are now sorted by the order they were entered in
    - Negative transactions are now displayed in red and in brackets

    By the way, password protect is top requested feature and will be added in next version.

    Also I will be changing the price of the app to $1.99 couple of days after 1.2 is approved by RIM, so if you have not grabbed it for $0.99 already here is your chance before price hike ;-)

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    04-22-12 10:03 PM