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    Mobile game suggestions [Fantasy Fighter] & [Pets Arena Plus]-22-april-2015.jpg

    Fantasy Fighter

    The ultimate Action-RPG fighting game which combines combat weaponry with flashy unique combat skills, and pet monsters that will add extra powers to aid your character in battle. Enjoy exciting game modes such as main story quest, dungeons, PVP, battles and special battle against powerful bosses that await you.

    Game features
    Full-featured, free to download and free to play.
    Daily Bonus login for free Cash Points and Gold everyday.
    Action-packed RPG, complete quest, raid dungeons and fight the bosses to loot items and increase power
    Pet Monster system allows hatching monster to fight alongside you and boost your character status.
    Upgrading system that enhance all your equipment for maximum attack and defense power.
    Exciting PVP system with variety of modes such as Player Vs Player , Monster Vs Monster , PVP ranking , PVP Tournament
    Various skills to be used in battle battle, including class skills, personal skills and monster skills.
    Smart AI to facilitate players throughout the game.
    Different types of dungeons including Single Player, Party, Defend Tower, Surviver and Boss dungeons
    Fashion items includes character constume, weapons and pets to help increase stats in many ways
    Simple and enjoyable gameplay that will be ready to launch on 21/8. Welcome to the world of fighters.

    Download now at goo.gl/rg8wuw

    Mobile game suggestions [Fantasy Fighter] & [Pets Arena Plus]-intro-2.jpg


    Unleash your inner trainer with PetsArena-Plus! Enter an exciting world full of cute, ferocious and powerful monsters as you set out on a journey to become the worlds greatest trainer! Collect and train the ultimate team of monsters to overcome any obstacles in your path. Fight through a challenging story mode or pit your skills against other players in epic PvP battles. Download today and join the battle you cant afford to miss in PetsArena-Plus

    Game Features
    - Free to download, free to play!
    - Train and customise the ultimate team of battle-hungry monsters.
    - Collect and store your monsters and show them off to your friends.
    - Strategically plan and manage your team of monsters as you prepare them for battle.
    - Exploit your enemys weaknesses and master your strengths with the elemental battle system.
    - Play through an exciting and rewarding story overloaded with quests and challenges.
    - Challenge other players in Arena battles and PvP Duels as you fight your way to the top of the global leaderboards.
    - Fight against trainers from all around the world!
    - Forge alliances with other players.
    - Team up with other trainers to take down powerful monsters.
    - Take part in regular and seasonal events.
    - Chat with other trainers from all over the world.
    - Earn daily login rewards.
    - Use the Pet Warehouse to store an endless collection of battle-hungry monsters.

    Download now at goo.gl/2dwqSm
    06-03-15 04:09 AM
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    Another freemium game that caps levels unless I buy or has legit playablitiy withouth payinng?
    06-04-15 10:45 AM

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