04-17-12 11:38 AM
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  1. caquito07's Avatar
    Hi everyone, I just emailed MLB.TV support regarding the very LIMITED almost no support for our phones and NO support for the Playbook.

    If you are a MLB.TV user of any kind please help me out on this one.

    Email: mlb-mobile-cs@mlb.com
    02-22-12 07:43 PM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    Sounds like a decent idea, thanks for the link, and I'll bump it for others to join in. Baseball season is about to start rocking here soon, and I'm looking forward to downloading the new At Bat 12. Well, when they release it, that is.
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    02-22-12 10:09 PM
  3. vbev84's Avatar
    Message sent, great idea. Thanks for getting this started. Let's hope they hear us.
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    02-23-12 12:49 AM
  4. TheQ805's Avatar
    I emailed them as well. Thanks for the link!
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    02-23-12 02:28 AM
  5. tumblingdice03's Avatar
    I had hoped at the very least we could watch on the browser as you can on a laptop but sadly it recognizes you are on a blackberry and says not supported when I just tested it on the site. Sad indeed. There is no reason we shouldn't be able to watch mlb on this great device.
    02-23-12 02:40 AM
  6. meske's Avatar
    Check this thread - worked last year when I tested it on a loaner playbook... not sure if it still works (and I'm not in place I can test it right now).

    02-28-12 09:51 AM
  7. JPMorgan_'s Avatar
    This would be my favorite app on the PlayBook if available, or my fave feature on the PlayBook if browser support was there, this was sad news for me. Hopefully they will at least turn to make the browser available for our beloved PlayBook,
    02-28-12 12:16 PM
  8. manytone's Avatar
    Message sent to mlb. Told them I would not be subscribing unless I can get it on my playbook.
    02-28-12 02:58 PM
  9. ckinglam's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    While I agree wit the approach, I think the easiest way for us to have the tablet app is for someone to covert the Android version to BAR files for side load.

    I just check Android market and it indicates that subscribers should download the "lite" version to access the content.

    I know how to side load apps but does not know how to get the APK or convert the files.
    Anyone here can help with that?

    Link to Android market:
    02-29-12 11:51 AM
  10. vbev84's Avatar
    Got a reply last night saying that the app will be available on 2/29, they also sent me to the link of what available devices will have the app. The picture shows the blackberry but when you click the link there is no mention of being available for blackberry. MLB.com Mobile | MLB.com: Mobile and MLB.com At Bat 12 | MLB.com: Mobile
    02-29-12 12:38 PM
  11. pkcable's Avatar
    They DO show a 98XX, BUT don't be fooled the PlayBook looking device is actually a Kindle Fire. They have a special Fire optimized version. Perhaps they will optimize/port the regular Android version for us, BUT I would not hold my breath waiting.
    02-29-12 01:30 PM
  12. ckinglam's Avatar
    pkcable, as the forums moderator, you have any connections on getting the APK converted into a BAR file?
    02-29-12 03:37 PM
  13. phonegeek#AC's Avatar
    So I'll work on the lite version and see if I can get it working. If that works I (or my company who pays my wireless bill. ) will work on the paid version which I'll keep for my own use but will report back if I get it working...


    EDIT: Ok roadblock #1. Astro file mgr won't let me back up the app. I'll have to figure out a plan B...
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    03-04-12 10:31 AM
  14. ckinglam's Avatar
    Thanks for the effort.

    Someone posted it up http://forums.crackberry.com/playboo...7/#post7191791
    03-04-12 10:52 AM
  15. phonegeek#AC's Avatar
    Yeah I stumbled on that after I was in this thread...

    03-04-12 11:28 AM
  16. xxplosive82's Avatar
    MLB.tv works on Simple Browser when set to Firefox. No problems whatsoever.
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    03-04-12 05:24 PM
  17. Ntario's Avatar
    The App section on MLB.com from a BB phone or the PlayBook now says "At Bat 12 for BlackBerry coming soon"
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    03-04-12 07:39 PM
  18. ckinglam's Avatar
    Word! Good find.
    03-04-12 11:01 PM
  19. mrpink73's Avatar
    Thanks for the SimpleBrowser solution, but I felt it was smoother using IE mode.
    03-05-12 08:15 PM
  20. enigma_flex's Avatar
    Hi guys,
    U can get mlb.tv working on ur playbooks! Download the simplebrowser for free or buy simplebrowserplus from the app world. Then in the browser settings change the browsers agent to IE (internet explorer). Once u do this u should have no problems watching on ur playbook.
    03-12-12 03:58 AM
  21. tumblingdice03's Avatar
    I tried the simplebrowser download but when I chose a game it prompted me to download flash and asked what system I was running.windows 7 ect. Did you have this happen and if so what did you choose?
    03-12-12 04:43 AM
  22. iotaunum's Avatar
    I had hoped at the very least we could watch on the browser as you can on a laptop but sadly it recognizes you are on a blackberry and says not supported when I just tested it on the site. Sad indeed. There is no reason we shouldn't be able to watch mlb on this great device.
    You can watch MLB-TV using Simple Browser set as a Firefox browser. Works great.
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    03-12-12 11:44 AM
  23. tumblingdice03's Avatar
    Actually I get the flash download prompt no matter if I choose IE or Firefox and I'm not sure if I should download at the prompt and if so what version to choose. Just leary of messing something up if I download something wrong. Surely someone else has seen this and can advise?
    03-13-12 04:34 AM
  24. ckinglam's Avatar
    I am assuming that you are watching from mlb.com? I just watched a game this afternoon with simple browser with IE settings and there was no problems
    03-13-12 04:36 AM
  25. tumblingdice03's Avatar
    Yes, I go to mlbtv.com and sign in and choose my (or any game) videa and when it should be opening to watch I keep getting a prompt to download flash player instead. Using Simplebrowser and tried both IE and firefox in settings.
    03-13-12 04:39 AM
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