1. klingon's Avatar
    I live in the Virgin Islands, bought a my 32g playbook from bestbuy in mid may, had only one problem could not purchase any apps, no matter the method i tried, after opening a ticket with rim in July they advised the only thing left to do was to change by bb appworld id which i did and was able to purchase an app using my phone.
    i was then instructed to perform a security wipe on the playbook which i did, once the playbook was reloaded i noticed the following apps were missing, music store, podcasts, hotmail, gmail @ slacker radio.
    i contacted RIM and they advised that i reset the playbook to factory default which was done.
    how ever i am still missing the apps, now RIM is informing me it is because i live outside the US.
    can anyone help i know slacker radio will not work, down here but have used while i have been in the US.
    07-30-11 09:16 AM
  2. abedauhajre's Avatar
    I live in Puerto Rico and also, after a security wipe the music store and slacker is missing.
    08-05-11 11:18 PM
  3. klingon's Avatar
    this weekend i got a prompt saying an update was available so i updated and presto the missing apps reappeared on my playbook
    08-08-11 10:15 AM