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    I saw this thanks to CNet today. This is very cool if you remember the old Atari games like Missile Command, Centiped, Combat . They updated the games a little and made them run in HTML5. Right now I think the only touch support if for IE, but watching the video gives you an idea of what's coming for HTML5, and why BB10 rocking HTML5 might give them the way to bridge the "app gap"

    Atari Arcade

    (the original CNet story here for attribution: Play old-school Atari games in any HTML5 Web browser | Crave - CNET )
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    08-30-12 08:34 PM
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    Lovers of old school games that like to tinker can also sideload some of the excellent emulators available for PlayBook. Many ported by some of the very excellent members of this very site.

    Centipede Galaxian Galaga Defender Ms Pac Man and many more all playing near perfectly on my PB. Angry Birds can suck it. Nothing matches the game play of some of these true classics. Having them at my fingertips on PB was an unexpected treat.
    08-30-12 09:14 PM
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    Pong is playing well for me minus a popup on audio occassionally. Nice find.

    For folks seeking the actual games:.Atari Arcade

    And yes some work fine on my pb!!
    08-31-12 12:07 AM