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    I got my hands on the playbook two weeks back and I am loving it. I tried to find some medical ebooks for myself, couldnt do so. I had some ebooks with me. I tried to use the ebook reader app to read those medical ebooks, but the processing was a failure due to some DRM issues. The pdf files are working fine. I searched the Crackberry forums for some help. And sadly couldnt find much.

    Then I thought of using the UpToDate software on my Playbook. I use it very often on my desktop and the pc at the hospital. Since it is a collection of html files. I thought it should definitely work on the Playbook too. Its something that I can use OFFLINE too. Meaning - I dont have to search for a Wireless hotspot or tether my phone to the PB every time I need to refer something, and that encouraged me to try it out

    Just follow these steps to enjoy 1000s of Medicine topics with graphics on your Playbook
    1 Download the rar file uptodate on your pc.. extract the files to a folder.. it will be around 2.5 gigs
    2 copy that folder to the documents folder in your PB,
    3 use any file browser app (like the AIR BROWSER) and go to that copied folder
    4 open the file uptodate.htm
    5 add the page to your home screen
    6 use the search tab in the page to browse through the various topics
    7 enjoy

    You can download the latest version 19.3 from the torrent sites. And also note that the copying process takes time . I know this is not an app actually, but I think it will be useful nonetheless. This is my first thread/post in this forum. Hope that you guys find it useful . if anybody knows how to read .pdb files on the playbook please do help..
    04-23-12 12:38 PM
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    thats pretty cool.
    i dont read medical stuff but its cool you found a work around.
    04-23-12 12:55 PM
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    UPtodate is not a free service/spftware. what you are advocating is piracy.
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    04-23-12 01:28 PM
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    For pdb files use caliber to convert them to epub or mobi formats and then use an app like Book Reader to read them on the PlayBook. However, if the pdb files are drm protected, you'll need to remove the drm. There are a number of plugins for caliber that can do this.

    I subscribe to UpToDate and have a legal copy on my laptop. I can't find any rar or html files on the laptop. Where are these files located?
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    04-25-12 10:14 PM
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    thanks for the info.. i will try using the CALIBER. I was just trying to find a way around for offline reading.. There is always the option of having a legal coply of UpToDate, but can you use it in your playbook? Just trying to help..
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    05-05-12 02:03 AM
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    thats pretty cool.
    i dont read medical stuff but its cool you found a work around.
    Happy to help
    05-05-12 02:07 AM