1. dannyjoebrown's Avatar
    APP WRITERS, somebody please write a media player app that will access mp3's stored on my BOLD that will play on my playbook. I use the bridge now but its one song at a time and no shuffle.

    I dont understand programming but if a program on the playbook can see the files on my phone, wouldnt it be kind of easy to write a program that would allow you to play mp3's with shuffle features and some sort of memory cache so the next song would be ready to go.

    If they just fine tune a few things between the BB's and playbook, its an awesome looking package together. Im trying to put files for best access without repeating files on both the bB and playbook. I need the tunes on my phone for portablity but I need a PROGRAM THAT WILL be a real media player for the bridge.

    I dont understand why BB teases like this. COME ON THE WHOLE BRIDGE MEdia PACKAGE
    06-18-12 04:38 PM
  2. DavideaNY's Avatar
    Wait for BB10... Hopefully there the bridge functionality will be expanded at the point of offering seamless integration between the memory on the PB and the memory on the BB10devices (either memory card or internal memory)..
    Think about reading, editing, copying files (music, video, documents) no matter where they are stored and no matter from what device....
    QNX allows thus type of integration in a quite "easy" way... So... Let's hope for that but I see it as the natural evolution of the bridge app...
    Just my 2 cents...
    06-18-12 04:48 PM
  3. ignites's Avatar
    bridge = bluetooth required = battery drain / lots of potential latency if it isnt done well...

    the solution is acutally quite simple use BlackBerry Music Gateway (uses Bluetooth with low latency) you should check it out .. .it'll set u back $50 but if thats what u really really need then... thats what u shdu get
    06-18-12 05:08 PM
  4. SCrid2000's Avatar
    06-19-12 04:41 PM
  5. dannyjoebrown's Avatar
    Wow donwloading app and if it does what it say WOW and its free. Downloading will gI've opinion once I try it

    Also thanks above about the bb music gateway. Guess ill have to check out the bb site more but I'm getting one cause its bb. Lol
    06-19-12 04:52 PM
  6. dannyjoebrown's Avatar
    Makes you wonder why bb didn't include all this. They need something so people know about the bridge and what it means

    Jeeo program looks good but I'm guessing I have to put all mp3s in one direcotry instead of the way bb media sync from itunes playlist. Each artist has its own folder. Any chance of letting the program see all the mp3s at once regardless of folder. Also will it see the extra 6g in the phone as accessable.

    The big thing is that if I puts all my mp3s in one directory. A shuffle feature is a must

    Program looks good but address these issues and charge for it. Lol. But this program is nicer looking then the bb stripped media player bridge.
    06-19-12 05:16 PM