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    Hi. I have a project where i have to present a device and try to convince the audience that its useful. I have chosen the playbook.
    One of the parts of my project is that ill make a top 10 video of the best FREE apps and then of the best FREE games. Any suggestions? (I know there are other threads about this but i want a new perspective (there are many new games)).
    Also, if i post it on youtube, are there any copyright laws that can force me to remove it (i will only show the game, demo). I ask this because once i was forced to remove a video.
    Thank you for your advices
    09-18-12 08:02 AM
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    Free apps:

    ADrive (storage)
    Android Runtime
    Files & Folders
    Nobex Radio
    Splashtop (v1)
    Photo Studio
    Score Central
    Hockey Central

    Sorry - Asphalt 6 (cracking game!)
    Falling Fred
    Running Fred
    Modern Combat
    Papa's Burgeria
    Super Stickman Golf
    Cut the Cheese
    Dead Space
    Walking Dead

    Just my opinion
    09-18-12 09:11 AM
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    I would prefer free games so people will know they dont have to pay to get good games
    But thanks for your list
    09-18-12 10:19 AM
  4. Jean-luc_Picard's Avatar
    Some good free games:
    - try out the emulators!
    - Need For Speed Undercover
    - Tetris
    - I think Asphalt 6: Adrenaline is still free
    - Run in Crowd
    - Robotek
    - PewPew
    - Hockey!

    Remember that since this is marketing, you can take small segments of apps, so even if they don't run very well, they can look cool, for example:
    - Fly, Squirrel, Fly 2 is good and free, but gets a bit choppy sometimes and gets pretty much impossible to complete level 2
    - Pretty much any online Flash-based tower defense game runs well at first, but gets pretty much unbearable once you get tons of towers firing at tons of enemies all at the same time (same on my computer)

    In terms of free apps:
    - If you have any programming skills, then BASIC could run some fun stuff, showing off the power of the PlayBook
    - Poynt, Scrapbook, and the native weather app all look really nice.

    I think that's all in terms of apps, but in terms of features:
    - you can copy files over WiFi, thus transferring stuff unobtrusively in the background
    - multitasking! You can have 10-15 different apps running easily
    - output over HDMI, specifically presenter mode, where you can watch a movie while you're doing something completely different on your PlayBook's screen
    - bridge remote, if you have a blackberry
    - You can run Android Apps
    - swipe to turn on

    Well, these are some ideas. Use what you wish.
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    09-20-12 07:00 PM
  5. bluetroll's Avatar
    best free app, bridge.
    09-20-12 07:39 PM