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    looking for app for marine use.nuti charts or or earth nc. using unrooted pb
    12-26-11 05:04 PM
  2. peter9477's Avatar
    There's no such app, but it wouldn't be particularly hard to write the basics.

    Unfortunately, the charts themselves are very expensive, and technically licensed for use for only one year (at least, that seems typical), and I suspect few users would be willing to spend much money for a decent app to work with the maps.

    In the iPad market, there are likely enough marine map customers to support one or two decent apps, but I don't think the PlayBook market is there yet.

    I'm curious: ignoring the cost of the maps themselves, how much would you be willing to spend for a basic app that allowed you to use the maps (e.g. import them from your own sources), GPS and compass, zooming/panning, waypoints, and one or two other core features? $25? $100? More?
    12-26-11 08:07 PM
  3. robsteve's Avatar

    There are a couple open source chart apps available. I don't know if it would be possible to port them to the Playbook, but it might be a place to start.

    In regards to charts, a lot of the US charts have been made public domain, so at least that market would be easy to satisfy.

    The chart app on the iPads is I think made by a company that has its own chart database.
    12-26-11 09:28 PM
  4. Dapper37's Avatar
    If the charts were set out like the recent city/country gps options in appworld. Where you could buy the charts needed, as needed for a specific region I would buy. Say the charts for the west coast of British Columbia were available. I would pay up to $20 something like that would be fair imo.
    edit: heck my dad would buy a PB the next day if they were in app world..
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    12-26-11 09:42 PM
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    There are several android marine maps free with GPS that few years back would have cost hundreds.They give all the shipwrecks and fish haven coordinates obstructions power lines safety bulletins with GPS drop pins and route tracer in case your stuck in a fog bank which happens often,my phone saved my twice in the Gulf better than my Garmin. I really wanted the playbooks OMAP to use the maps.Unfortunately the new update will not allow the market.The apps work terrific tegra is a little unstable.Hopefully a root will be here soon since I opted to take the new update and I love it.Currently I am using the free marine maps on my droid1 phone,it works better than the tablets running the tegra.OMAP should be real smooth.The playbook is a well built tablet for the gps apps.
    12-26-11 10:33 PM
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    georendr, free on app world, has marine charts. check it out and see if it works for ya! good luck!
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    12-27-11 08:43 AM
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    georendr, free on app world, has marine charts. check it out and see if it works for ya! good luck!
    great app, its got a ways to go but one of the best out of the gate!
    12-27-11 10:58 PM
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    Many people have requested this for years, particularly with charts on SD. Not sure what is currently possible - in the past the big names like Navionics didn't even permit viewing on a computer. They may have changed their tune due to demand. Your best bet may be to check the marine electronics forum at The Hull Truth - Boating and Fishing Forum. Lot of knowledgable posters there.
    12-28-11 03:36 AM
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    We've recently launched Gps Nautical Charts for Blackberry. At the moment only US region is supported.

    Gps Nautical Charts for Blackberry


    --Gps Nautical Charts
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    01-25-12 12:55 AM
  10. tofinofish's Avatar
    Would really like to see your charts released for West side of Vancouver Island - Tofino area as soon as possible. Market for this in our area in growing most on the water are using phone as back-up


    04-06-12 09:31 AM
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    Fugawi is great, there is for ios but is it possible for playbook?

    Fugawi GPS Navigation and Mapping Software Homepage
    09-12-12 04:37 PM