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    Just wanted to let everyone in Malaysia with Playbook know that Maxis now officially sells the Playbook on contracts and also gets you cut deals off the Blackberry packages.

    But the cool thing is that, Maxis has release SIX apps to go along with their release! filling in the gaps of missing software and providing customized apps for Malaysia . Can be downloaded from App World.

    The apps are pretty good quality to my surprise! They run on Webworks if am not mistaken.


    Think Poynt..but for Malaysia and runs off Google Maps.

    Formula 1
    For the Formula 1 racing season fanatics! Provides a lot of information on timings, races, details, background information and racers profiles with portraits.

    Maxis Movies
    Book movies on the move! Couldn't find it on the App World though, maybe not approved yet.

    Currency Converter

    Language Translator

    Maxis Wifi
    Allows you to find Maxis Wifi points next to you and buy a day, week, month pass for the wifi spot straight from the App.
    The day pass starts at 3RM, and the monthly at 20RM.
    PS: You can also find Maxis Wifi spots using Finder301, but no pass buying capability.

    Am really happy Maxis is supporting the Playbook here. For I have yet to see anyone with one :s. Maybe cause I got mine overseas .
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    I was invited to the Media launch..great to see PlayBook finally arrived in our shores..looking forward for more apps for MY.
    07-20-11 04:24 AM