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    If you have two or more PlayBooks under the same BBID (or maybe even just locally?) this may help you get Print To Go working.

    I'd gone through the same issues a number of people have had with getting Print To Go working. I had an empty login dialog (PC reboot fixed that), and a mystery error code when I tried to print (PlayBook reboot appeared to fix that, but it might have been a coincidence).

    After uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it, I went through the setup again. There's a point after you enter the pairing code where it asks if you have a second PlayBook. I don't have the wording of the dialog in front of me, but I had the impression that clicking "Yes" was optional.

    I figured it was asking me if I wanted to be able to support both PlayBooks, and so the first time through I said "no". It's my development testing unit so I generally just leave it out of the equation.

    This time I decided not to ignore the second PlayBook as I had the first time through. I said "Yes" and it showed another dialog where I thought I was supposed to enter the pairing code for the second one. I tried doing that but it wasn't even letting me put the "*" that was in my code into the boxes.

    Turns out, once I actually read the dialog, that it was asking for the PIN of the first PlayBook, so it could figure out which one it should talk to.

    I entered the PIN, it printed, and a short time later the PDF appeared on the correct PlayBook.

    So, by pretending I didn't actually have two PlayBooks on my network and under the same BBID, I apparently was responsible for the initial failure.

    If someone else can make a screenshot of the dialog contents and post it here that would be nice. I suspect it's poorly worded and they should make it clearer that if you do have a second one on the same BBID, you must click Yes and provide the PIN. (I do tend to ignore the instructions though so maybe it was all my fault.)
    02-21-12 04:11 PM