1. bluetroll's Avatar
    I downloaded Major Mayhem on PB few nights ago. It's a great game, well worth the $3. It runs great on the PB, no lag during gameplay just a bit of loading each time you're about to jump out of the chopper.

    I downloaded Major Mayhem on the SGS3 this afternoon to play the game (I didn't have my PB), and instantly I noticed the difference in performance. There's definitely a bit of lag during gameplay. It really suprised me because of the specs on the device are 'superior' than the PB. I guess it's ok, because the game is free!

    I love my PB, the more I use it now, the more I realize how great the OS is.
    10-21-12 04:04 PM
  2. xsacha's Avatar
    Playbook definitely has that arcade feel to it where everything seems to run as intended (even though 90% of these games are ports from iOS/Android).
    On Android, games can lag occasionally perhaps because your device isn't set up exactly the same way the developers handset was. Is there a way to change the graphics settings of the game on your SGS3?
    10-21-12 06:05 PM
  3. bluetroll's Avatar
    i just checked... there's only low or high quality.
    10-21-12 06:27 PM

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