1. jefflemon's Avatar
    My latest app, Magic Fortune Ball Is out today! To celebrate the release I am offering 5 free copies, it would also be great if you would be kind enough to leave a review.

    Just purchase the app and drop me a PM and I will paypal you back the money.

    BlackBerry App World - Magic Fortune Ball

    I know some of you are hoping that I make a guitar app and more instrument apps, I just made this quickly for a break from the musical world, I will be making a guitar app next. Currently doing performance tests with making strings that bend.
    07-01-11 08:14 AM
  2. Rudee66's Avatar
    "..Just purchase the app and drop me a PM and I will paypal you back the money."

    Unfortunately, if you're the 6th person or higher who buys the app, you're out of luck. i.e. no free copy for you!
    07-01-11 05:10 PM
  3. jefflemon's Avatar
    There's still 5 copies to be given away, and if you happend to be the sixth, I would still be kind enough to refund you the money.

    So if anyone wants a free app just download, leave a nice review and PM me for a refund.
    07-03-11 04:28 AM
  4. jefflemon's Avatar
    Still no one has taken me up on the offer, how about this, buy Magic Fortune Ball, give it a decent review and buy Instruments and I will refund you the cost of both.

    BlackBerry App World - Magic Fortune Ball

    BlackBerry App World - Instruments
    07-04-11 10:22 AM
  5. bengyeow's Avatar
    Being an IT major myself, I think its essential to support a fellow programmer, here we are saying we do not have enough apps for the blackberry...

    The Magic Fortune Ball does pretty much like the other 2 free apps on Appworld named Magic Ball and Fortune Ball respectively...

    Interface and outlook wise, the Magic Fortune Ball looks more professional and presentable, however to some people it might just be a magic 8 ball app.

    Now that we are talking about the magic 8 ball app, a true 8 ball has 20 answers which is only found in the Magic Fortune Ball app... making it the only true magic 8 ball app. For maintaining the authenticity of what is a soft version a device for fortune-telling or seeking advice, I think I would choose it over the free apps just to show some support to a developer who ensures his creations is true to tradition.

    07-08-11 08:04 AM
  6. jefflemon's Avatar
    @bengyeow thanks for the review, much appreciated!

    To anyone else, I still have 4 of these to give away (Magic Fortune Ball + Instruments)... just review and PM me and I will refund you the cost via paypal
    07-08-11 10:37 AM
  7. Prey521's Avatar
    Jeff's legit so I wouldn't worry about him not refunding you. I think I'll check it out myself as well, thanks!
    07-08-11 12:38 PM
  8. Prey521's Avatar
    Review submitted....

    By the way, I would take that offer for "Instruments"....my son loves that app!
    07-08-11 01:01 PM
  9. pkcable's Avatar
    Instruments is one of my favorite BB apps! I can't believe it's not one of THE top sellers!
    07-08-11 01:43 PM
  10. jefflemon's Avatar
    Still 4 of these to give away, get Magic 8 Ball, and Instruments (currently riding high at the top of app world charts) for FREE! Leaving a review of them if you take up the offer would be much appreciated!
    07-11-11 04:26 AM