1. Venichie's Avatar
    So yeah I saw a thread about this when making this one, but thought I'd bring up a fresh one.
    Anyways, still no app in Appworld. I also read about and saw a video of it for the Playbook... but yeah still nothing new other then that.

    I did however notice that the game works on their site, even with BB Bridge!
    There's an option to purchase, and I think I saw one of the supported files being an MP3... anyone know if it's possible to play the full version on the web if purchased, with a Playbook?
    08-09-11 09:59 AM
  2. d3adcrab's Avatar
    wow,nice game!
    08-09-11 07:33 PM
  3. Venichie's Avatar
    Yeah it is a very nice game, sadly it's only a demo of what's yet to come. I have seen it demoed before... here's a link that you can see a dedicated app of the game, around 0:14 you can clearly see the app.

    I once saw it actually being played, but I can't seem to find the video... but yes, a really great game of it's kind.

    I'd really like to see alot of those other games/apps that were demoed actually being install able in the app world...
    08-13-11 09:27 PM