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    I've been waiting for a Taekwon-Do related app to land on a BlackBerry device for some time. When one didn't, I thought I'd make my own. So if you're also looking for one, check it out.

    The app covers the ITF style. It goes through the colour belt patterns in a step-by-step guide. It also includes colour belt meanings and Korean terminology.

    The app is currently on for the PlayBook, however a phone version is currently in the works.

    The app is available to download from App World Free ITF Taekwon-Do Guide - Download ITF Taekwon-Do Guide - Free Apps from BlackBerry App World
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    The ITF Taekwon-Do app has now been updated in App World. Only a few minor changes to some tuls and added some more Korean terminology.

    Download it now - http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/93248

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