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    I write a blog on Blogger. What I normally use is MS's LiveWriter. I can do all the work locally, including inserting illustrations, formatting, page breaks, doing tag words, etc.. It also lets me see the end result and the coding. The latter is important if I need to remove coding that carried over from a copy & paste (to make sure I quote correctly) or to change display sizing parameters if an illustration is wrongly sized. And it gives me a word count, so I don't run too long. The best part is that you can upload the results as a draft or save the draft locally for later upload.

    I can get most of that by writing and editing online, in draft mode. But that doesn't give a word count and I may not always be somewhere where I can tie into a wifi network when I want to create. I've looked at Plogger, which kind of works if you know html, work online, don't mind missing a lot of the formatting, and don't care to see any previews. BlogLauncher gets you to the online input page -- which means you have to be online and the change Google made in how that works makes it less comfortable for writing on the Playbook.

    Doing a search in AppWorld for "blogger" or "blogging" seems to only give me those two, unless I want to change to WordPress or one of several very obscure blogging sites. Is there a tool in one of the office suites or in the Android apps that would do what I need?
    04-09-12 08:03 AM