1. esqlaw's Avatar
    I need a list making app. It needs to have strong basic functionality. Note section needs to be there as well.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.
    06-20-11 02:13 PM
  2. TreeDoctor's Avatar
    I definitely have an answer for you: It's called "ListPro", and I've been an avid user for years. Unfortunately, it runs on PalmOS, Windows Mobile & decendents, etc. BUT NOT ON BLACKBERRY. I've been searching for a substitute ever since getting my Blackberry Torch, and could not have imagined that the choices would be so limited and so poor. I hope you are successful. I haven't been. (Actually, I was renewing my search, which I how I found your post.)
    07-10-11 05:48 PM
  3. blackjack93117's Avatar
    Slicktasks for blackberry phones is absolutely without a doubt the best list making app ever! You can easily add unlimited sub lists, rearrange list order, schedule items on the lists, change color style and font of each list item. You can add notes and link to contact info from native blackberry contact manager to each item...

    Backs up and restores reliably.

    I use it for everything, lists, todos, calendar, notes, and cannot do without it.
    Problem is it is not yet on Playbook, but I am trying to convince them to port it - you can too!

    Well worth the price!


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    07-11-11 12:58 PM
  4. LinkNote's Avatar
    With "LinkNote" you can make unlimited lists and link to different "projects" and "contacts". The app has some bugs and I'm working on resolving but once things get ironed out it will be a good app for list and note taking...

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    07-11-11 06:55 PM
  5. blackjack93117's Avatar
    ^^Looks interesting, but I really need things organized in a hierarchical structure - so many of these are organized by "category" or "project"which is too much work to assign categories to every item you enter. Much easier to make the head item the category and store subitems beneath that with more subitems under each subitem...

    like slicktasks
    12-21-11 02:38 AM