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    I guess I am aiming this more for the developers of the group but feel free for anyone to answer if you have any knowledge on the RIM's position.

    Simply, I am a developer. And I would like to develop applications for RIM. I am sure as most of you are following the news, a company called Lodsys is sending patent infringement notice to developers suing them.

    Now Lodsys has done this also to Apple and Google developers. And as a result Apple has officially responded that iOS developers are covered under their own licensing. I believe Google has done the same.

    Well an article was published in the Globe and Mail about a QNX developer being issues an infringement notice and wondered if RIM has stated a response. Because I can't find mention of one.

    If RIM is serious about supporting their developers they need to respond to this threat. As I said I am a developer, but with this cloud that exist in the atmosphere, why should I bother developing for QNX?

    Has anyone heard anything about what RIM's response is?

    FYI - the globe and mail article: Small BlackBerry developer in patent company’s sights - The Globe and Mail
    09-12-11 10:51 AM