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    Hey guys and gals I posted this in another thread in the sideloading section, but the excitement is killing me, since getting my playbook on launch day I wanted an online holdem game to play.
    I noticed some recent holdem games (bar files were not working)..

    So I got a hold of the latest Live Holdem Pro apk (version 5.06). Converted, signed, and this works flawlessly.

    Highly recommend for online holdem!

    Also, feel free to add me to your in game friends list!
    id: OhWiseGuyEh
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    02-24-12 03:51 PM
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    This is AWESOME - I might not be able to load this until Monday, but I'm stoked...nice job!
    02-24-12 09:37 PM
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    Related to the game, the chat box at the top, anyone figure out how to get the play by play to go away in the chat box at the top?? (ie User: Checks User2: Checks blah blah blah?)
    02-25-12 09:14 AM