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    For those of you needing to do linear regression, I wanted to let you know that there is an app for that. Note - I have nothing to do with the creation of the app at all.

    I came across it this evening and purchased it for .99 cents. It allows you to enter your data, in pairs (x value and y value) and then the app will display a scatterplot of your data; the intercept, the slope, and the r value and plot the line of best fit.

    The app works very well and is simple to use. Could use some minor tweaking and adding of a few things such as a measure of effect size (r-squared) and listing the number of data points. If your taking psychology and have to do a stats class, this would be quite helpful to have.

    But in any event, I think this is quite a useful app and thought I'd share my thoughts in case people were looking for something such as this.
    05-01-11 01:05 AM