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    Konsep Mobile presents an app for toddlers to play and learn about how to spell some objects as they appearance. Read the details below.

    This app, named Baby Touch, consists of some categories, such as:
    1. Wild Animal: Learn how to spell the names of the wild animals such as tiger, lion, crocodile, snake, etc
    2. Insects: Learn how to spell the names of the insects such as spider, butterfly, ant, ladybug, etc
    3. Shapes: Learn how to spell the names of the shapes such as circle, square, triangle, etc
    4. Water Animal: Learn how to spell the names of the water animals such as turtle, shark, sea horse, etc
    5. Vehicle: Learn how to spell the names of the vehicles such as car, bus, train, etc.

    Made by bright colors and cute drawings, this app will be loved by kids. The gameplay is also simple; kids only have to touch the object one by one to move them to its proper location, as the narrator will say its name. It's just simple yet fun. We can teach them the name of the objects as they play, touching the objects while we guide them. A nice way to spend some time with our kids, no?

    When all of the objects is already touched (and moved), kids still able to repeat the voice of the narrator by touching the objects in their new positions. Here we can practice their spelling slowly.

    The lite version of this app here, and you can also grab the full version (US$ 1.99) from here. It's the time for us and our kids to spend some time together, teaching them to spell objects while playing.
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    This is a beautiful app. I've only tried the lite version, but it looks and functions great! I think the voice could use some work, something a little more soothing, friendly or human. A little more interactivity would be nice, being able to play with the environments, being able to move the animals around, maybe. I found the words fly by a little fast. Might be nice to allow us to spell the words too.
    09-10-12 11:49 AM