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    Many of you have already seen Lazaridis "Freak Out" today with the BBC interviewer, and have also asked, "Where's the entire clip?" or "What is the full story behind the interview?"

    Some of you may have noticed another video linked on the page entitled, "Blackberry PlayBook and Motorola Xoom take on Apple iPad"

    In this video, the rest of the interview with Lazaridis can be seen (starts around 1:17).

    Nothing too new to show but...

    - He shows off HD video taken from the playbook projected on a full screen and it looks great.

    - In a reponse to question regarding apps for the playbook, Lazaridis replies, "Appworld already has over 3000 apps"

    Link: BBC News - Blackberry PlayBook and Motorola Xoom take on Apple iPad
    04-13-11 07:37 PM
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    Yea I heard that as well. That'd be very exciting! 3000 developers got a free playbook O.O that's a good start for sure :O

    But with such a high-score on the browser, I'm pretty sure the experience is already good out of the box. Apps just fine-tunes that experience Unlike iPad, which relies on apps to address the short-comings of the pad, such as flashless pad.
    04-13-11 07:54 PM
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    3000 developers got a free playbook
    Uh, not really. Many developers have more than one app submitted, some as many as ten or twenty.

    The number of free tablets to be handed out is probably more like 1000 or so.
    04-14-11 12:33 AM
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    Going through the largest app market out there, the Android market, has not meant that I've suddenly downloaded a million apps. If anything, I can't find ones that I depend on.
    Example, there are only two LED notification apps similar to BerryBuzz. One didn't work on the Atrix and the other collects user information, according to the app desscription.
    Another example - Screenshot apps are not available for an unrooted Atrix.

    So - there are thousands of apps, but one key app for me is not available. The question is not the number but the usability. Looking for transportation apps I found apps for every major city in the world but not one single one for the DC Cirulator, like Apple has.

    Quantity does not equal to usability for all consumers.

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    04-14-11 05:25 AM