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  1. wet_coast's Avatar
    Lapse Master settings were:

    1024 x 600 (appears to be max setting)
    10 sec capture rate (can range from 1 sec up to hours)
    Current time display = ON
    Rear camera = ON
    Dark Mode = OFF (screen is on during captures)

    Length of capture - ~7 hrs
    # files = 2,456 @ 2,410 KB each
    total size = 5.62 GB

    Final video length = 1m 22s @ 24FPS

    This is the first time I've ever tried this type of thing.

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  2. djenkins6's Avatar
    Looks great, did lapse master do everything or did you have to stitch the pictures into a video yourself later?
    05-13-12 07:20 PM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    Terrific. How did you support/arrange the pb during that period? Tripod?
    05-13-12 08:57 PM
  4. wet_coast's Avatar

    I set the charging pod in a open front window on the window sill. I did use a book underneath it to get the right angle. I don't know if the program would run on the battery alone for 7 hours but I doubted it so I always had it in the pod.

    I used a program called VideoMach to stitch the 2500 bmp's together BUT the app names them incorrectly - pic1, pic2...pic10...pic2496... - so they get sorted weird. I had to use batch rename them to put the number in front like 0001pic, 0002pic...2496pic... to get them in the right order. That wasn't too big a deal, added ~10 more mins...

    I wouldn't have had enough free space if I had a 16GB PB, glad I had a 32GB.

    I would shorten the capture rate from 10 to 6 secs next time to catch a bit more action next time - I still have 15GB free on my PB....

    It took long to xfer the 2500 bmp's to my PC - I only had a xfer rate of 6MB/sec I think. After that it took, 5 mins to rename them, ~45 mins to do the stitching and another 50 to upload to Youtube.
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