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    While it may be strange, I've built a simple SIP client for the PlayBook. It is called Kuzaranda and it is available here: Kuzaranda SIP - BlackBerry App World and its support page is here: Kuzaranda. I'm trying to make it easy to setup and use.

    I've put a lot of effort into making it as compatible with different networks as possible. Kuzaranda supports STUN, ICE and UPnP IGD NAT traversal methods so it may work in the majority of networks.

    Give it a try, tell me what you think :)

    Also, while you are at it, you can place voice calls to your Skype friends using it, consult the support page.
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    It seems like you need the sip address to call someone. There is NO dialer keypad to dial calls. Deal breaker for me.
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    08-22-12 11:11 AM
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    It seems like you need the sip address to call someone. There is NO dialer keypad to dial calls. Deal breaker for me.
    Just use your native playbook keyboard as a dialpad and press enter to place a call. For example, you can type a phone number like 12349876543 or an internal number like 4444
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    Ya,that works.Thank you
    08-22-12 03:49 PM
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    Glad to help you, enjoy the app!
    08-22-12 03:54 PM
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    It seem's you are getting some bad reviews (most likely from user who didn't take the time to learn about the application, I will make a few suggestions. (If these are not already included in your application...
    1. Include a "Instructions" Page
    2. Include a "Help" Page
    3. Include a "Contact for Support/Suggestions" Page

    Hope this helps!
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    08-22-12 06:58 PM
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    Way to go! We went from zero SIP apps to 2 in two days!
    This one worked immediately at home for me. It logged into my office SIP PBX quickly with no problems. Two way audio right away (and for SIP newbs one way audio is a very common problem when you are not on the same network as the PBX ie offsite/teleworking).
    Using a headset is important to get rid of echo issues. Use your BB phone headset in order to use the mic in the headset instead of the PB mics (it has the mic mute button too). You can use an ordinary headset and the PB mics will work as well but people will "think" you sound like you are on a speakerphone. It works either way.
    I'd love to see this app with "Hold", "Transfer", and "Conference" buttons in a future release.
    Great work aesteral, keep it up!
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    08-22-12 08:14 PM
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    This app does not need WIFI. Holy!!!!!!!!!!

    It works when you are tethered to your BB! (Does not work with just bridge).

    Incoming and outgoing calls whilst tethered.
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    08-22-12 08:30 PM
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    Gotta say I started trying Taki, getting unauthorized registration errors. After hours of playing with it I tried this app and it worked flawlessly first try.

    Small note: I tried to pull it up at work to show a co-worker and there is a select few outgoing ports opened up, not including the standard SIP ports. The app displayed just a black screen for the longest time before eventually complaining that it couldn't log in. I thought it had froze/crashed - would be nice to have a progress indicator and message just so I knew what was going on whilst staring at the black screen .

    Regardless, I'm ecstatic. Now I've got my home phone in my pocket . Submit to app world for bb10 for dev alpha "testing"!
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    08-23-12 08:41 AM
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    r0v3rT3N, thank you for your input! You are right, while I have a couple of "Help" links in the bottom, I think I should make them more visible and informative.

    canuckvoip, I'm glad you like the app! It was very interesting to learn about the tethering since I don't have a BlackBerry phone and could not test such cases.
    Kuzaranda has echo cancellation code built-in and, while it lets you talk without your headphones attached, it is not as good as Voicechat's code. So I'm a little envious.

    euoberts, it is great that Kuzaranda is useful to you! If it is possible, can you please elaborate on your work network setup? Maybe I can fix those freezes.
    I do have a Dev Alpha but I'm not really prepared to submit a build for BB10 yet because orientation bugs are enraging for me
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    If it is possible, can you please elaborate on your work network setup? Maybe I can fix those freezes.
    Basically they only have the most commonly needed ports open; 80, 22, 3389, etc. I beleive that the default sip ports are 5061 and 5061 (you would know better than me). Thus, I simply can't use any SIP client at work, as I can't connect. My beef was that as the app was taking an extended time attempting to connect (really just waiting to timeout), all I saw was a black screen, and really had no idea what was going on, leading me to believe is was frozen. All I'm saying is a progress spinner and a "Connecting..." dialogue would be nice moving forward.
    08-24-12 06:43 AM
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    Understood. Kuzaranda already should display a "connecting" dialog but it probably does not due to UI process waiting for a lock somewhere, going to check and fix that. Thank you for a report.
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    I've read a couple of websites claiming that video calling to Skype contacts is possible using Kuzaranda. Have they gotten their wires crossed or is this true?
    (1st post here btw so please be gentle )
    09-17-12 10:58 AM
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    We a a telecomms company and are searching for a closed SIP client for our clients on many OS. Do you have a Blackberry client to try? You may contact us at w e b m a s t e r @ v o i p s y s c o m . c o m.

    01-26-13 03:27 AM