03-11-12 06:54 AM
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  1. miata's Avatar
    I started buying Kindle books, because I knew they would likely run on any device I ever got.

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    02-29-12 09:48 PM
  2. moss27's Avatar
    I don't read many books but have a few on kobo and have had no issues at all with it. I expected kindle to be way better from all of the pleading for it on the list pb..but after sideloading it I prefer the kobo..even just the library with my books looks better. For a casual reader more of does more than enough.
    02-29-12 09:52 PM
  3. catwoman66's Avatar
    Kobo suits me fine, I just which they'd update the PB so it's inline with IOS & Android versions, we are NOT second division!
    03-11-12 06:54 AM
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