1. CanadianBB's Avatar
    Is it possible to convert the Kobo files I have purchased into format for KIndle or other book readers?

    If so, how do I get the file that is already on my Playbook? Which directory and then would I use something like Calibre?


    The reason is Kobo does not load diagrams etc since I loaded the beta so I will read with a different reader
    06-04-12 12:07 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    The "books" on the pb are hidden in some hidden folder. You might be able to get a kobo reader for the computer where the books could be loaded and POSSIBLY found. Then you'd need a way to strip off the drm (encoding) and then convert to another format or read them with an epub reader.

    If I recall, some others are NOT having that diagram/picture issue with the beta but I don't know what they did differently.

    Sorry I cannot be of more help.
    06-04-12 12:54 AM