1. klinton's Avatar
    It's a GREAT shame that Kobo (native ebook reader) cannot get their act together since the release of OS2. Kobo app worked quite well on OS2 Beta, but since the release of OS2, Kobo has been utter sh!t: every page turn = Javascript Alert dialog.

    I've been emailing them every day since OS2 release and their latest solution is to switch off Playbook and reconnect to PC/Mac. This is supposed to allow RIM to push the new Kobo (v1.4.2.1) onto your Playbook. Well, it DOES NOT WORK. Nothing is updated. Nevermind that Kobo now needs to be pushed by RIM through Blackberry Desktop Software. Every other app is updated wirelessly via BB App World. 100% FAIL. Read your feedback!

    Which is a shame, as the previous Kobo on OS2 Beta was just about perfect...
    03-07-12 06:42 PM