1. Mojoski's Avatar
    Just wondering if I'm the only one having this issue. I can't seem to turn the pages in Kobo with a swipe anymore now that I've upgraded to the beta Playbook OS v2 release. Anyone else seeing that as well?
    10-19-11 02:41 PM
  2. kritikal's Avatar
    I just noticed that too
    10-19-11 03:54 PM
  3. Foreverup's Avatar
    And that's why they only released it to developers first.

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    10-19-11 05:09 PM
  4. igotberryfever's Avatar
    mine is working fine no problems.
    10-19-11 05:17 PM
  5. Mojoski's Avatar
    mine is working fine no problems.
    Mine works well until I open a book and start to read it. It doesn't seem to notice at all when I swipe to turn the page.
    10-19-11 06:20 PM
  6. mfreedmn97's Avatar
    with os2 i cannot open kobo at all. goes to white screen after splash screen then just hangs there.
    10-19-11 11:56 PM
  7. Saul89's Avatar
    I can get to my books alright but swiping is broken. I've found that if I kind of tap in a direction I can fairly consistently change pages.
    10-20-11 04:19 PM
  8. Mojoski's Avatar
    I have just discovered that tapping on the outside edge of the page causes the page to turn also. I could have sworn I tried that yesterday.. So swiping is broken but tapping works fine. I can live with that..

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    10-20-11 04:24 PM
  9. TOBBUser's Avatar
    same here... only the tapping method is working... goog enough for now...
    10-20-11 04:47 PM
  10. silversun10's Avatar
    same here, was already having other problems, so just hoping that they will rebuild the android reader they introduced yesterday to be used with PB shortly...
    10-20-11 05:22 PM