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    Here's a link to the thread on "alternate" browsers:


    I'm still trying to get GoogleMaps to work on the PB. I would like it to work in the native Browser but am certainly willing to use another Browser if that works. Why? Well, I prefer GoogleMaps to some other mapping products and frankly, I'm not a fan of Bing.

    But I've been trying KermEd's newest (as well as the former) alternatives and I've been trying to come up with a user agent emulation (or whatever) to get GoogleMaps to work. So far to no avail.

    Any hints?

    And I opened the subject to other browser-apps or sites that might not work on the regular Browser.

    The other thread's title is certainly cryptic so this one is more directly labeled, in my opinion. Hope KermEd does not mind.
    11-09-11 11:51 AM
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    Check your PM's...
    11-09-11 05:24 PM