1. SoupySioux's Avatar
    A question about the audio quality of KalemSoft Media Player and Neutron Music Player.

    Which one has the better audio quality? I already have Neutron, but it still stutters occasionally. Is it worth purchasing KalemSoft as a music player?

    11-29-12 10:26 PM
  2. NoraMelua's Avatar
    Neutron has much better audio quality. If it stutters, your Playbook is running slower than usual and a reinstallation of the OS will most likely fix the stuttering. I had the same problem.
    11-30-12 02:02 AM
  3. daglesj's Avatar
    May I ask how or why they should sound different or is it just stuttering?


    (sits back with popcorn)
    11-30-12 12:26 PM
  4. NoraMelua's Avatar
    (sits back with popcorn)
    Can I have some?

    Neutron offers a wide range of options to customize the sound to your liking. There is a parametric equalizer, surround sound, crossfeeding to reduce channel separation when using a headphone, crossfading between tracks and gapless playback (very important for live or concept albums) and automatic gain control to reduce clipping.

    KalemSoft Media Player offers no such features, but it would be unfair to expect them in an app that is no pure music player.
    11-30-12 02:38 PM
  5. pacoman03's Avatar

    There is a parametric equalizer
    Technically, it's a graphic equalizer.
    11-30-12 02:51 PM
  6. StampyBeaverbrook's Avatar
    The parametric equalizer is hidden away in the preferences.
    11-30-12 03:42 PM
  7. SoupySioux's Avatar
    May I ask how or why they should sound different or is it just stuttering?


    (sits back with popcorn)
    Ultimately both audio quality and stuttering I guess, Daglesj. If the audio quality is on par with Neutron then Kalem might be worth purchasing although others suggest that Neutron is a superior audio player. I get stuttering when i read docs and pdfs while listening to Neutron.
    12-01-12 08:22 PM

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