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    Today i launch my own app; 'Jeroen_13 Tutorials' for the Blackberry Playbook !

    its basically an app about;
    • Signing and converting apps
    • Downloadable apps
    • Setup for Penetrate (wifi crack app)
    • Contact, questions about the Blackberry Playbook

    For the Tutorials, you might need your PC. so i made a website about this app with the App content in it ! check it out *HERE*

    Some screenshots of the app;


    (in-app screenshots)

    I'd like to get some feedback, support and ratings ! you can post it here, but you also can send it with the 'in-app contact form'


    ***CHECK OUT THE APP AT YOUR PC HERE*** (Internet explorer is not supported; only Firefox, Chrome and Opera/Safari will display the site correctly)

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    No offence, but it's kinda ugly and unprofessional looking. Haven't really looked at the content, but the site is riddled with spelling mistakes and slang like using "u" instead of "you" and also not using proper grammar, e.g. "here" instead of "Here" at the top of the screenshot in the first post. The colours; for a start, there are too many, it looks cluttered IMO. And they're irritating to read, for me at least.

    On the "apps" page, you make no indication that these are converted Android apps, nor do you give any credit to their original creator or link to the original Android download, and I personally feel you should do both.

    I don't mean to be harsh or discourage you, I am just trying to give you some (hopefully somewhat constructive) feedback. Hope you don't take this badly
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    04-25-12 12:36 PM