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    I'm totally lost. Never done this before.....help would really be appreciated!
    11-02-11 11:50 PM
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    There's already a stickied thread about how to sideload android apps including Dolphin onto the playbook.

    But what the heck

    1. Go to https://accounts.google.com/ServiceL...heets&hl=en_US and download the application
    2. Go and install DDPB ( http://www.filearchivehaven.com/2011...dpb-installer/ )
    3. turn on developer mode. (Options>Security>Developer Mode). It will ask you to create a password for the device if you don't already have one setup. Also right down the Dev Address
    4. Connect your playbook to you computer via USB, and turn on Desktop Manager
    5. Open DDPB and fill in the Dev Address and password.
    6. Click Add button and select the downloaded .bar file.
    (You'll notice the bar file is loaded in the window now with a white check box beside it.)
    7, Make sure the box is checked then click install. (window will pop up when "Done")
    8. side loaded bar file should now be at the bottom of your app list on the home screen.

    Hope that helps.
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    11-03-11 12:23 AM
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    Trying now.....i'll report back. Thanks!
    11-03-11 12:42 AM
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    Everything makes sense except that the DDPB link is no good!?!?
    11-03-11 12:59 AM
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    scratch that.....i'm good.

    so far! Lol.
    11-03-11 01:10 AM
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    Worked like a charm.....thank you houshinto.

    Opera mobile however does not want to work. I've read conflicting reports on this.....
    11-03-11 01:47 AM
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    Guys who are using Dolphin browser, how does the speed and checkerboarding compare to the regular browser?

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    11-03-11 01:58 AM
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    to be honest the pb browser is as fast or faster. i've never had an issue with it's speed. i simply need to get on a website that (PB) qnx browser is not compatible with....what i really need is for opera to work.
    11-03-11 02:17 AM