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    Hello all, Let me start by saying "I'm one of those guys". I'm always looking for the free app and to this day with having a Blackberry fr several years and not the playbook, I'm finally going to buy my first app ... or at least I want to . The issue I'm having is I've added my credit card informaiton in to app world, but it doens't take ... I've also added my PayPal information, and that too doesn't work. the two errors I get are as follows:

    Credit card error = "There is a problem with your credit card authorization. Please try again or visit blackberry app world support for more information. (error ID 13000)"

    PayPal error = "No credit card on file, Add a credit card or paypal balance at http://www.paypal.com"

    I did go to app support but still can't figure out what my problem is ... Any assistance anyone can give me would be great. Never know, maybe if I can buy this app for the Playbook, I might want to actually buy another one one day
    07-19-11 08:14 AM
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    Ok so I don't know why the credit card didn't work but I got PayPal to work by adding my credit card to it. I was using my bank account directly, but I guess App World didn't like that. Once I added my CC to PP, all went through. Hopefully this helps someone else in the future
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    07-19-11 08:35 AM
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    Knowledge base article (KB27348) - Error ID 13000 is encountered when attempting to purchase an application from BlackBerry App World - provides a resolution to this issue.
    07-19-11 08:35 AM
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    Knowledge base article (KB27348) - Error ID 13000 is encountered when attempting to purchase an application from BlackBerry App World - provides a resolution to this issue.
    I glad you were able to find this KB! You have no idea what it took to get support to do something about this problem. Recent email from support:


    Hello Maurice,

    Hope this email finds you well.

    I just wanted to provide you the good news that we have successfully update the KB article KB27348 "Error ID 13000 is encountered when attempting to purchase an application from BlackBerry App World."

    The KB Article will soon be available to public to provide the workaround to modify the payment details(credit card, PayPal) when this issue occurred. Nevertheless, our development team is aware of this issue and currently working for a permanent resolution.

    Please advise if you would be comfortable archiving this case.

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

    Thank you again for contacting us.


    BlackBerry Customer Support
    Research In Motion Limited
    07-19-11 09:27 AM
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    I am still plague with error 9300 or 11000 despite all the tips & trick provided by RIM. (Changing paypal currency, adding credit card, removing bank account)

    I tried using credit card directly but it prompt me with the error : *We are unable to process your card at this time, please verify the information you have entered is correct.[11000]

    I've called my bank and they didn't block it, I can buy stuff on other site just fine :S
    07-19-11 10:37 AM
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    Having the same problem. the 9300 and 11000 after I upgraded appworld. Doesn't make sense since I've bought and paid for a few apps. Something to do with the currencies. Any idea how to change the currency to usd?
    08-05-11 04:01 PM
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    I just use paypal and I've not had any issues.
    08-05-11 04:12 PM
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    I just spent around 3 weeks with the Playbook technical support area. After making lots of calls, installing, reinstalling, giving a credit card directly at the webstore, changing everything on paypal, making a security wipe, etc, etc., they realized it was a problem caused by them on.my Blackberry ID. So they asked me to make a new BB ID, of course you have to put a new email and change also the paypal primary email to be the same, and relate the new ID with paypal on the webstore. Then make a security wipe, put the new BB ID and the problem is solved, you can buy anything you want.

    Apparently there is an error they can't fix with the Blackberry ID's and the new OSversion.

    The huge problem that I have right now, is that they promised me they would change all my apps from the old ID to the new one. After one more week they are telling me now is not possible and I have to ask for a refund with the cutomer service, so I called this other dept., and they ask me to request a refund to each vendor. I'm really angry now with them.

    I hope this helps somehow. Have a great day.
    08-07-11 01:41 AM