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    You can use Apple's developer tools with the PhoneGap library to make a single app that runs on iPad and all the phones, including BlackBerry. In the near future, PhoneGap will support PlayBook, because PlayBook also has WebKit, it is essentially Apple-compatible. So anyone that is put off by RIM's developer tools can work with Xcode/PhoneGap to build one app right now for all currently existing platforms and when PhoneGap adds PlayBook you will be on there immediately. This is not necessarily a solution for everyone, but is ideal for some developers. It is also more cross-platform and more open than AIR.


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    Good luck to RIM. PlayBook is about a thousand times more interesting than Motorola XOOM. I'm looking forward to deploying my apps on PlayBook if the device happens as planned.

    This was a comment posted by a developer on blackberry developers blog...by John Doey...makes a lot of sense

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    02-27-11 07:09 PM
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    Booooo they're just web apps. Phonegap is a webkit based engine.
    02-27-11 07:17 PM
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    can't say about all the apps but open gl and web(html5/JS/CSS) apps are a given
    02-27-11 10:17 PM